Screen Golf

A perfect practice equipments
Origin : Korea
Manufacture : MATRO
Price : $390.00


The Advantage of MGD

Power-free/ Trouble-free/ Maintenance-free!!

1. Low operational cost: dose not require outlets and does not consume any electricity.

2. Installation of "MGD", the power-free golf ball dispenser, eliminate the risk of electric shock and short-circuits caused by rain.

3. No need to set up! - the "MGD" is fully assembled, ready to use.

4. Very easy to operate either at home or at the golf practice range. "MGD" is designed for easy transport and installation. - Tap the pedal to release one ball at a time, and just Swing!

5. No mechanical breakdowns - our "MGD" does not use single spring! No need for the service after use.

   Even professional engineers were surprised at the simple design and struck with admiration. We assure that "MGD" will be one of world-famous memorable inventions.

6. Our "MGD" has a capacity of over 120 golf balls, without any damage to the golf balls.

7. The "MGD" is the first device in the world, ynvented by MATRO Co.,Ltd. its design and patent rights are registered in U.S.A, Japan and Korea.

   This proves its ingenuity, originality and possibility, At present, it is exported to many countries all over the world.

8. Our MGD is back-saving golf-ball dispenser. When you place your golf ball on the practice tee, you don't need to bend or stoop dawn.

9. Water and stain resistant - Our MGD works perfectly under any weather condition, during all seasons!

10. Our MGD is very strong and powerful to the salty area surrounded by the sea.

11. Our MGD is powered only by gravitation. Millions of dollars went into its development, to provide driving range, golf schools, and individuals with this magnificent, easy-to-use production.

12. Our MGD will guarantee years of comfortable use, user-friendly operation.



Place of Origin: South Korea 
Brand Name: MGD (Motorless Golf ball Dispenser) 
Size (inch): 25 x 10 x 13(height) 
Size (cm): 65 x 27 x 34(height) 
Weight: 15.4lb / 6kg
Capacity: 80 ~ 120 balls
Packaging Details: Carton


Driver Shot
When the touch pedal is pressed with the golf club, the golf ball rolls on the rall of the distributor and safely lands onto the tee.
When the ball reaches the tee, the rall of the distributor returns to its original position.
Iron shot
press the supply pedal when the ball is on the tee.
Another golf ball from the distributor collides with the ball on the tee, and the ball falls on to the mat and the position shots. 


Explanation of Components

• Push Rod: Sorts out the 150 balls.

• Roll: The push of the golf balls.

• Connecting Rod Large/Small: it operates when you touch the pedal. it acts as the lever that moves the push stick.

• Metal: The assisting component that moves the pole to push the golf ball.

• Pole: The assisting component that pushes the ball at the projection of the rail, so that the ball can push the distributor.

 The arm-"distributor": The component that carries the golf ball to the tee.

  U-shaped loop: The loop where the distributor is hooked. 

MGD semblance




• Mat for individuals range with fixed brush

 -width: 620mm, height: 545mm, Thickness: 10mm

• Brush dimensions

 -width: 530mm, height: 230mm, Thickness: 20mm


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